Training Videos

These videos are intended for anyone who wants to quickly gain an understanding of the Literacy Toolbox and how it should be used.

Each video is only few minutes long. We have put them in a logical order but they can be meaningfully viewed in any order you like.

Philosophy and strategy.

This video explains the principles on which the Literacy Toolbox is built. Understanding these will help you use the Toolbox in the most effective way possible. Play

Quick Tour.

This video takes you very briefly through all the major features of the Toolbox including setup and administration. More details on individual activities can be found in the other videos on this page. Play

Choosing to a Programme.

The Literacy Toolbox contains many components which can be stitched together by the teacher in many ways to create an effective programme for students of different ages and abilities.

This video gives an overview of how that should be accomplished. Play

The Reading Activities

The Literacy Toolbox contains three pure reading activities with thousands of passages covering hundreds of topics. The passages immerse the student in wide ranging reading experiences.

These exercises all give very strong reading support and it is important to understand this system before using it in the classroom. Play


The comrehension activity contains a strong reading element plus questions covering both literal and inferential comprehension. Once again strong support is given with the reading part of the activity. Play

The Dictation Activities

Computers are uniquely capable of providing a perfectly personalized dictation experience for students. A computer can repeat phrases as often as necessary and can go at a pace dictated by the student. Additionally we supply support with spelling so that every writing session is a succesful one: Nothing succeeds like daily doses of success. Play

Sentence Builder

This exercise requires the student to fill in missing words in a sentence with pictorial and auditory support. The student is also required to spell the words using our own unique proven method. Play