Age Ranges

Literacy Toolbox delivers content differentiated by both age and deficit for ages 4 to 14. This means that all age groups get material appropriate to their deficit AND their age group. Most significantly this means that older children with a severe deficit do not have to read material aimed at younger children.

It is a key strategy of ours to capture the interest of students so that they are driven by their own desire to read the material rather than external authority. We firmly believe that once a student is convinced that reading can deliver something they want, they are well on the way to acquiring the skills they need to access it.

The main bulk of Literacy Toolbox exercises are aimed at children between 7 and 14 with hundreds of passages and exercises differentiated within that age range and by six different levels of intellectual challenge.

Additionally we have two courses specifically aimed at non or near-non readers..

  • Jumpstarter : For ages 7 to 9
  • Reading Starter : For ages 4 to 6

Even at the youngest ages, the student still gets to choose from a list of topics that interests them. At the very youngest age range there is more fiction available than at the older age ranges.